Incoming Freshmen Information
Events that most 8th graders take part in.  These are:

1. Step Up Days-  Mid November:  Each junior high will bring their 8th graders over to LTHS during the school day to show them around campus and distribute information to them.

2.  Parent/Student Open House- Mid November:  Every parent and student can attend an informational presentation in the evening which includes a overview of curriculum and the school.  You will also have the chance to meet with coaches (such as myself) that night in cafeteria of Central Campus.

3. Incoming Freshman Registration- Late January:  Parents and students will meet with counselors to schedule their classes. 

We do offer some upcoming camps that will allow your son to work with our coaching staff and some of our current players.  The first camp, our winter hitting league is one of our most popular camps and it takes place on 6 Sundays starting in early November(Date TBA).  During this camp, your son will be able to be taught our offensive philosophy and be put through many of the same drills that we do daily here at Lockport.
Then on the first weekend in March, we have a one day camp that has our coaching staff and varsity baseball team instructing the players on throwing, defense, offense, and baserunning.  To find out more information on the hitting league CLICK HERE and you can see a flyer of a past hitting league.

We are very confident in the education and level of baseball that we provide here at LTHS.  Since 2011, we have sent every player onto college as a student.  Along with these 20 players attending college, 13 of them have went on to play baseball at the collegiate level.  In the past 3 years we have sent 30 players to college, with 18 of them playing college baseball.  Currently our senior class has three players who have verbally committed to Division 1 schools and we have 12 other seniors that will attend college in the fall and many of them will have the opportunity to play baseball if they choose.  To see how over the many years our program has traditionally sent players beyond H.S.,  you can check out "History" on the menu above and click on "Alumni College-Pro".

Tryouts and Playing Other Sports
The tryouts will be from 2/25-3/1/13 for spring baseball.  We encourage all of our student-athletes to play other sports for the competition that they provide.  We believe that playing multi-sports will help each individual become the best athlete and competitor as possible.

Off Season Workout Information
For those student-athletes that do not play a winter sport, we provide three day a week lifting and conditioning at the school.  There is a cost incurred by each student-athlete to pay for Nick Setta to create and supervise our workouts.  These workouts that are guided by Coach Setta will give each student-athlete the opportunity to improve their strength and athleticism before spring tryouts.  Information on these workouts will be available usually near the end of October.  SETTA WORKOUT INFO 

Off Season Academic and Behavior Policy
With the start of workouts, we will begin to monitor each student-athletes academic and behavior performances.  We are always excited to see our potential players be successful in school.  If a student has one F or two D’s during the off season, he will receive one week to show adequate progress to raise his grade or he will be removed from our off season lifting program until progress is shown. The expectations set forth by our Lockport Porter Baseball Program requires each student-athlete to:
     1.     Treat others with respect and earn the respect of others.
     2.     Take responsibility for their action.
     3.     Do what they are asked to do, even when it’s not what they want to do.
     4.     Avoid transferring blame for their failures and focusing on how to do better the next chance they get.
     5.     Work their hardest in the classroom, on the baseball field, and in their other activities.
     6.     Personal conduct that would make family, coaches, teammates, and school proud to be associated with them. 

We ask all teachers to please inform of us if they are ever concerned with the student-athlete being:
     1.     Late or absent for Class
     2.     Disrespectful to others
     3.     Not Turning in or Late Turning in Assignments
     4.     Poor performance on Assignments, Quizzes, and/or Tests
     5.     Not on Schedule for Successful Completion of Course Requirements
Summer Baseball Info

- All Lockport Porter Baseball Players will play a competitive summer schedule. This means that our players should play above their age level whenever possible. If a player does not play above their age level, then they should be playing the best teams at their age level consistently. The only way that a player will continue to grow their skill level is by competing against the best competition. Here are the SUMMER BASEBALL GUIDELINES for players in our program:

*Incoming Seniors (2013 graduates)- Should have been competing at the elite 18U level during this summer. After you graduate, if you plan on playing in college, you should look to play at the elite 18U level again or the 19U level with other graduated seniors and players who just finished their frosh year of college.

*Incoming Juniors (2014 graduates)- Should play at the 18U level next summer. This should be done the whole summer and you should be exposed to some competition against graduated seniors.

*Incoming Sophomores (2015 graduates)- Should compete at the 17U level next summer and be exposed numerous times to 18U competition throughout the summer. You need to remember that you will be a varsity baseball player next summer and the sooner and more you face 17U and 18U competition, the quicker you should progress as a baseball player.

*Incoming Freshman (2016 graduates)- Should compete at the 16U level next summer and be exposed to 17U competition.

LOCKPORT PORTER BASEBALL PHILOSOPHY OF “EXPOSURE vs. DEVELOPMENT”- Do not put "exposure" in front of development!!! These days, it seems that everyone wants the end product and forgets about the hard work it takes to get there. The money you spend on your son and travel baseball should be used for him to be developed into the best baseball player as possible. Unfortunately, the perception is that the more "high profile" events your team attends, the more exposure you will get. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I have spoken with numerous college coaches and they know what teams they want to watch on a weekend. These teams are usually put together of some very good baseball players who have focused on developing their skills on their own, with their high school program, and with their travel program.

- Our program will continue to provide our Soph and Varsity Summer Teams. These teams will continue to operate during the week primarily on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays (w/ and occasional Monday). Members of the Summer Varsity Baseball team are expected to be present for the Battle of Omaha Tournament, IHSBCA SUMMER REGIONAL, and IHSBCA SUMMER STATE. The only other policy we have for both our summer varsity and sophomore baseball teams is that all players are expected to be with the team when they are in town. This means that players will communicate and provide detailed schedules in advance of anytime they are not going to be attending a game due to their travel team being out of town.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Coach Satunas
LTHS Baseball Head Coach

Room 212 (east)